Static Plan
All Our Location IP
100 GB Bandwidth + 5 Users
$1.75 Monthly
$4.75 Quarterly
$9.50 Semi-Annually
$19.00 Annually
Dedicated Plan
1 Dedicated IP (Private IP)
Unlimited Bandwidth + 5 Users
$5.00 Monthly
$13.00 Quarterly
$26.00 Semi-Annually
$45.00 Annually
Unlimited BW
All Our Location IP
Unlimited Bandwidth + 5 Users
$5.00 Monthly
$13.00 Quarterly
$26.00 Semi-Annually
$45.00 Annually
Dynamic Plan
+50 USA & UK Location IP
Unlimited Bandwidth + 5 users
$3.00 Monthly
$8.00 Quarterly
$15.00 Semi-Annually
$27.00 Annually
Reseller Program

PerfectVPN give you excellent opportunity to start your bussiness. As a VPN reseller you can buy VPN services from PerfectVPN with special discounted prices. If you have a website and you are providing some kind of internet services like VoIP, Webhosting and etc., this is good opportunity for you to increase your income. You can provide and support your customers by yourself. We give you a control panel where you can manage multiple sub-accounts for your customers. You can purchase, renew VPN services with discounted prices. You will buy credit and then make all purchase directly from your credit balance in the Control Panel.

Please click HERE if you want to see our Control Panel. Please login with the below username and password:

Username: demo    Password: demo


Some of Benefits for PerfectVPN Reseller:

- Created as many new sub-accounts as you wish.
- No Expire date for your credits.
- Purchase your VPN services directly from your credit balance.
- Manage your VPN sub-accounts in the control panel.
- Extra bandwidth on each plan (See below).
- Both our Static and Dynamic IPs will be included in reseller panel.
- Free Trail included, 2 Free Trial for each one credit (e.g. 20 Free trial will be included to your control panel with 10 credits). Free trial will send to your customer’s behalf of your website when you create it in the control panel.


Wholesale Prices and Description:

  Plan        Bandwidth                Locations                          Price                 Order

10 Unit*         200 GB               All of our locations                      $4.00            

20 Unit*         400 GB               All of our locations                      $3.80             

30 Unit*         600 GB               All of our locations                      $3.70             

50 Unit*           1 TB                 All of our locations                      $3.60             

100 Unit*         2 TB                 All of our locations                      $3.70             

250 Unit*         5 TB                 All of our locations                      $3.00             

500 Unit*         10 TB               All of our locations                      $2.80             

1000 Unit*     200 TB               All of our locations                       $2.00             

10 Unit*       Unlimited             All of our locations                       $7.00             

20 Unit*       Unlimited             All of our locations                       $6.50             

50 Unit*       Unlimited             All of our locations                       $6.00             

100 Unit*     Unlimited             All of our locations                       $5.50             


* Each unit is equal with 1  monthly VPN (1 month credit). For Example: If you sell 1 Quarterly VPN ( for 3 Months) then 3 credits will be reduced, If you sell 1 Semi-Anually VPN (for 6 Months) then 6 credits will be reduced.

* Each unit has 20 GB monthly Bandwidth.

* For any more inquiries, aslo for Unlimited control panel request, feel free to contact with us